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Formal Complaints

Below is information regarding MASCOT’s Official Complaint Form. For compliments, questions, concerns or suggestions, please go to the contact us page, or click here. Otherwise, please continue on for serious issues that you feel need to be reported to Management or the Board of Directors. Please read the information below, and then follow the instructions on filling out and sending in the complaint form.

General Guidelines for Official Complaints

This form is intended to assist MASCOT riders to communicate a specific complaint to MASCOT Management and the Board of Directors when the general comment/complaint form is not adequate. Submission of this form initiates the formal MASCOT Complaint Resolution Policy.

General comments and recommendations may be submitted to MASCOT at any time and should NOT be submitted through this form. This form is intended to be used with a copy of the MASCOT Complaint Resolution Policy (attached to the form).

MASCOT Complaint Resolution Policy

Mat-Su Community Transit (MASCOT) seeks feedback from the riders and encourages riders to let bus drivers know how they are doing. Bus drivers are required to relay this feedback to the operations manager.

  1. When riders feel they have a complaint about service, their option is to relay the complaint verbally to the bus driver or operations manager, or in writing to the operations manager.
  2. The operations manager will then investigate the complaint to determine MASCOT’s responsibility and make corrective action(s) if needed.
  3. The operations manager will then follow up with the rider either verbally or in writing as deemed appropriate as to the resolution of the complaint within ten to fifteen (10-15) days.

If the rider determines that complaint resolution from the operations manager is not satisfactory, the rider is encouraged to contact the Executive Director. The Executive Director is then responsible for investigating the complaint, making corrective action(s) if needed, and following up with the rider as to the resolution within ten to fifteen (10-15) days.

If the rider determines that the Executive Directors resolution is not satisfactory, or if the rider has a direct complaint against the Executive Director, then the rider has the option of having the Board of Directors Executive Committee hear the complaint. A request to be heard by the Executive Committee needs to be made in writing to the Board President. The Executive Committee will normally advise the rider of the complaint resolution in writing within fifteen to thirty (15-30) days. This resolution shall be final.

To view and complete the Formal Complaint Form, Click Here.


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