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Job Title: CDL Driver
Contact: Lynn Witte, Admin Coordinator
(907) 864-5014
Date Posted: 12/03/14
Date Closed: 01/31/14

Minimum Salary: 11.00/hour
Maximum Salary: 11.00/hour
Employment Type: Part Time
Hours per Week: 32-40
Benefits: None


Operate a transit vehicle over an assigned route or variable route schedule; maintain order on the bus; respond and provide assistance to passengers in a courteous and helpful manner; answer questions and listen to passenger concerns; assist in loading and unloading of all passengers requiring any kind of assistance. This includes but is not limited to: persons that require assistance (both ambulatory and non-ambulatory), securing wheelchairs, proper use of a wheelchair lift, and persons who may be mentally or physically challenged. Transit Operators must use sound judgment in handling unusual situations arising with passengers.

Maintain the interior cleanliness of the vehicles; responsible for knowing and obeying all traffic laws and the applicable policies and procedures of the company; must inspect vehicle(s) daily: prior to beginning route, during, and at the conclusion of the route. Drivers must certify to ensure safe mechanical operation of equipment by conducting daily inspections required by, yet not limited to the following agencies: MASCOT, State of Alaska / Department of Transportation, State of Alaska / Department of Motor Vehicles, Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), and the Federal Transit Authority (FTA). Report any mechanical problems or defects in accordance with company policies and procedures; observe all traffic laws; ensure that all passengers follow safety regulations.

Maintain company provided daily logs and information sheets on the number of passengers and other ridership information as directed. Read and follow a printed route manifest which designates transport within specific times and sequences.

Keep regular contact by radio with MASCOT dispatch office, follow company policies and Federal Communications Commission (FCC) procedures, observe radio courtesy; use sound judgment in following dispatch instructions; be able to recognize, create, and follow logical sequences for pick-up/drop-off of passengers in an efficient manner. Personal cell phone operation will not be tolerated when operating MASCOT vehicles, with or without passengers aboard.

Immediately report all incidents/accidents to dispatch, take appropriate action to ensure the safety of passengers following an accident; assist the supervisor and police in emergency procedures and investigations following an accident, as outlined by MASCOT’s policy and procedure manual, as well as Employee handbook.

Attend scheduled Transit Operators meetings, including any training classes, which include but are not limited to: cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), First Aid, substance abuse awareness, defensive driving skills, safety, and emergency procedures.

Follow appropriate dress codes and hygiene standards determined by MASCOT policy.

Other duties as assigned in accordance with this position description.


  1. High School Diploma or equivalent, OR;
    Two years of paid work experience as a Transit Operator.
  2. Must have a clean driving record; driver must have no Major Disqualifying Offenses, Violating Out-of-Service Orders, or Railroad-Highway Grade Crossing Violations under the Motor Carrier Safety Improvement Act (MCSIA), and cannot have had more than one (1) Serious Traffic Offense identified in the MSCIA in the past thirty-six (36) months.
  3. Possess a current and valid Alaska Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) with a passenger endorsement and maintain it at all times during employment with MASCOT.
  4. Able to pass initial and all subsequent scheduled and random drug screening. MASCOT is a drug-free work zone; no exceptions. Additionally, if you are required to take medications that have side effects that could possibly impede your ability as an operator, MASCOT requires a note from your physician giving the name of the drug, as well as dosage amounts.
  5. Able to pass initial background screening; no exceptions.
  6. Must be able to complete training courses in cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and First Aid upon obtaining employment, as well as keep certifications current during employment with MASCOT.
  7. Must possess a current and valid DOT Medical Examiners Certificate and maintain it at all times while employed with MASCOT.


Ability to accept and follow verbal and written instructions.
Able to complete written forms in a professional manner.
Able to effectively communicate with and provide assistance to a wide variety of people who also may have varying physical, social and/or economic limitations in a calm, professional manner.
Must be courteous and dependable, and have a working telephone or contact number.


Professional driving experience in the safe operation of large vehicles for the purpose of transporting passengers.
Experience with assisting persons in wheelchairs and the operation wheelchair lifts.
Excellent knowledge of laws and regulations regarding the safe and efficient operation of transit vehicles.
Demonstrated ability to deal with the public in a continually courteous and tactful manner at all times.


This is an hourly position based on a thirty-two to forty hour (32-40) work week for Full-Time employment and fewer than thirty-two hours per work week for Part-Time employment.
Compensation is set by the Board of Directors and begins at $11.00/hr.
This position requires a three (3) month introductory-training period. Employees remain at-will employees both during and after the initial ninety (90) day introductory/training period.


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